VOXPoint – Cinephonic Concert: A Symphony of the City impro!

You know the feeling when you’re watching a film and the dialogue doesn’t follow the track you would want it to? When the characters say wrong things at the wrong time, or just don’t get the things they should say out of their mouths? Or when the music on the soundtrack just feels annoyingly loaded? If yes, this is for you: VOXPoint – Cinephonic Concert: Symphony of the City Impro!

In VOXPoint 2015 the audience gets to make the soundtrack for the film. Musician Hannu Risku and actor Mikael Reijström from of the famed improvisation group Stella Polaris conduct the audience-orchestra. You don’t have to be an actor or a singer – in improvisation anything goes!

The film for which the soundtrack will be made is Heikki Ahola’s Symphony of the City. In the late 1920’s cinematic interpretations of the city were made in every self-respecting metropolis. Over 60 years later, film students at the University of Art and Design Helsinki had a brilliant idea: let’s make one about Helsinki. Heikki Ahola has richly orchestrated the diverse material into an enjoyable ensemble. Now it is your turn to breath new life into this depiction of Helsinki in mid 1990’s! But watch out: This evening might just get out of hands!


  • Name in Original Language: Kaupunkisinfonia
  • Director: Heikki Ahola, John Webster, Yrjö Nieminen, Outi Kaasinen, Ulrika Bengts, Ilkka Mertsola, Mika Taanila, Roosa Toivonen
  • Country: Finland
  • Year: 1995
  • Length: 59 min
  • Age limit: S
  • Format: DCP
  • Cinematography: Heikki Ahola, Pauli Bessonoff, Jussi Eerola, Heikki Färm, Timo Heinänen, Marita Hällfors, Esa Illi, Maija Kainulainen, Anu Kuivalainen, Robert Nordström, Rauno Ronkainen, Petri Rossi, Wille Tanttu, Jari Tenhunen, Pekka Uotila, Tuomo Virtanen
  • Editing: Heikki Ahola
  • Audio: Heikki Ahola, Olli Huhtanen, Jussi Väätäinen, Sami Kiiski, Pietari Koskinen, Niko Paakkunainen , Kirka Sainio
  • Production: Ilkka Mertsola / Statiivinkannattajat ry


  • Savoy-teatteri: Perjantai 30.1. klo 19:00
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