Rich Hill

”In the city people walk past us with their noses in the air and pretend to be better than us; as if their shit doesn’t smell. They don’t fool me, we aren’t trash. We’re good people.” These are the words of 13-year-old Andrew, one of the main characters of Rich Hill.

The documentary, awarded at the Sundance Film Festival, portrays the life of a few teenage boys and their families in the state of Missouri, in a town called Rich Hill. This intimate story revolves around the boys’ turbulent lives and experiences. Coming from poor families, these kids experience the world of ”the better people” to be somewhere far away – most likely unreachable.

Rich Hill chronicles the life of the main characters without explaining or elaborating. Their income level limits and defines their future prospects but their situation at home does so even more. The culture of violence and lack of hope are passed on from parents to children. But so is their affection for each other, and faith in the future.

Text: Matti Ylönen / Translation: Anniina Hautakoski

Language: English
No subtitles



  • Director: Tracy Droz Tragos, Andrew Droz Palermo
  • Country: USA
  • Year: 2014
  • Length: 92 min
  • Age limit: S
  • Format: DCP
  • Cinematography: Andrew Droz Palermo
  • Editing: Jim Hession
  • Audio: Greg Armstrong, Jesse Brown
  • Music: Nathan Halrpern
  • Production: Tracy Droz Tragos, Andrew Droz Palermo / Dinky Pictures


  • Maxim 2: Thursday 29.1. at 21:15
  • Kinopalatsi 8: Sunday 1.2. at 21:30