We Were Rebels

When he was 10, Agel was given an AK-47 rifle that was too heavy for him to even pick up. The independence of South Sudan had to be won, whatever the cost. Agel grew up in Australia which he now leaves to return home, the youngest independent country in the world. He starts a family, rolls up his sleeves and begins to build anew.

The documentary follows, with the hopeful but realistic Agel, the development of South Sudan during the first two years of independence. A proud team captain, Agel coaches the national basketball team against Uganda and starts an organization delivering fresh water to remote areas.

After the first high of independence, harsh realities set in. Poverty is crushing a traumatized nation that former soldiers can’t seem to usher to the narrow path of peace. Ultimately, Agel has to reach for his weapon once more, this time against his brothers and sisters. The war-torn South Sudan is currently also facing famine.

Text: Anna-Sofia Joro / Translation: Liina Härkönen

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Director Florian Schewe will be present at the screening.

Languages: English, dinka
Subtitles: English



  • Name in Original Language: We Were Rebels
  • Director: Katharina von Schröder, Florian Schewe
  • Country: Germany
  • Year: 2014
  • Length: 90 min
  • Age limit: S
  • Format: DCP
  • Cinematography: Katharina von Schröeder, Florian Schewe
  • Editing: André Nier
  • Audio: Katharina von Schröder
  • Music: Kaan Bulak
  • Production: Inka Dewitz / Perfect Shot Films


  • Kinopalatsi 8: Tuesday 27.1. at 18:45