Peter Gidal 1

Films in the screening:

Not Far At All – 2013 – 15 min – colour, opt sound
Clouds – 1969 – 10 min – b/w, opt sound
Key – 1968 – 10 min – colour, opt sound,
Volcano – 2002 – 30 min – colour/b/w, silent

Not Far At All opens the Gidal series. According to the filmmaker, it was his ”first film in five years, tempted to say different yet the same, but not.” A treasure of cinematic dialectical materialism, the relentless Clouds, pulls us into the furthest depths of non-representativeness. Key brings us back to the safe, yet questionable, world of images, their parts and soundtracks. Shot in Hawaii, Volcano spews us with the magma of molten cinematic light, time and motion, cooled down in turns by transparent and pitch black interims.

Text: Sami van Ingen / Translation: Tapio Reinekoski

Director Peter Gidal and the curators of the Vanishing Point series Sami van Ingen and Mika Taanila will be present at the screening.


  • Director: Peter Gidal
  • Country: UK
  • Length: 65 min
  • Age limit: S
  • Format: 16 mm


  • Orion: Friday 30.1. at 17:00