The First Sea

First there is a wall. Then soldiers, road blocks, permits and a metal detector. Behind these is the sea. The sea is big and full of fish, probably. And it must be beautiful, otherwise Israel wouldn’t have stolen it from the Palestinians. Wafaa and Raneen, who both live on the West Bank, have never seen the sea, even though it is only an hour’s drive away.

On demonstration days the home windows are covered with carpets to block off the tear gas. Summer holiday is spent on a camp for traumatised children. People are still living their everyday lives in the middle of a conflict area where life entails dance lessons, computer games and annoying little brothers.

Wafaa goes on a beach trip to Tel Aviv organised by a peace organisation, but Raneen’s parents don’t want to send her to the enemy territory. And so she stays in the arid home village protesting the occupation. When Israeli women are bathing the laughing children and wondering whether in fact they are just washing out their guilty conscience, in Nabi Salih echo the 13-year-old girl’s songs against oppression.

For just one day, the shimmering sea is there for the Palestinians. The wall is and remains.

Text: Saara Tamminen / Translation: Anniina Hautakoski

Production manager Elisabeth Weydt, producer Sarita Sharma and cinematographer Jakob Fuhr will be present at the screening.

Language: Arabic, Hebrew, English
Subtitles: English



  • Name in Original Language: Das Erste Meer
  • Director: Clara Trischler
  • Country: Germany, Austria
  • Year: 2013
  • Length: 60 min
  • Age limit: S
  • Format: DCP
  • Cinematography: Jakob Fuhr
  • Editing: Svenja Plaas
  • Audio: Anna Kirst
  • Music: Stefan Trischler, Christian Mrazek
  • Production: Sarita Sharma / Kinomaton Berlin


  • Kinopalatsi 6: Tuesday 27.1. at 19:00