Lia Jaspers

Lia Jaspers_ohjaaja_Match MeMunich-born Lia Jaspers is the director of the documentaries Tar Dakar (2005), You Drive Me Crazy (2012), and Match Me! (2014), which is screened at DocPoint festival. She lives and works as a freelance author and writer in Munich.

It’s a common misconception that Jaspers’ films have lighter topics. However her films often touch deeper subjects than one would think. For example Match Me! got started when Jaspers started to wonder how bad experiences makes the protagonists of the film to give up their romantic lives for other people to decide. ”I’m always interested in stories about love and how people define what love is or should be.”

Lia Jaspers is in Helsinki 30th January – 2nd February.

Tar Dakar (2005)
You Drive Me Crazy (2012)
Match Me! (2014)