Iiris Härmä

Iiris Härmä has over 15 years experience as a producer, production coordinator, director and writer in documentary film productions. Her background is in Ethnology and Cultural Studies in which she received MA in University of Turku, and Film Studies diploma from The New School University, NY.

Härmä is the other founding member of Guerilla Films with her husband documentary film director Visa Koiso-Kanttila.

DocPoint is screening her latest documentary Leaving Africa. The film depicts the life of two older women – a Finn and a Ugandan – who provide sexual health and equality education for Catholics, Muslims and Anglicans alike and don’t shy away from frank discussions.

Leaving Africa – A Story About Friendship and Empowerment (2015)
The Child of Silent Winter (2012)
Look at Me (2010)
You Live and Burn (2007)
Tomorrow’s Memories (2004)