Anders Østergaard

Anders ØstergaardAnders Østergaard was born in Copenhagen in 1965. He graduated from the Danish School of Journalism in 1991. He then spent five years working on social and political campaigns for a leading Danish advertising agency, while serving as a researcher for DR Dokumentar and Nordisk Film at the same time. An international breakthrough followed in 2004 with Tintin and I and in 2006 he launched Gasolin’ – the best-selling documentary in the history of Danish cinema followed by Oscar nominated Burma VJ – Reporting From A Closed Country, which caught global attention and received dozens of Danish and international awards. Throughout Østergaard’s career he has been concerned with the boundaries of non-fiction and documentary itself.

Docpoint will be showing four main works from Østergaard’s career: 1989 (2014), Burma VJ (2008), Tintin and I (2003) and The Magus (1999).

Anders Østergaard in Helsinki 30th January – 1st February

1989 (2014)
Burma VJ – Reporting From A Closed Country (2008)
Så kort og mærkeligt livet er (2008)
Gasolin’ (2006)
Diplomatiets fortrop (2004)
Tintin and I (2003)
Brødre i ånden (Denmark, 2002)
Malaria! (Denmark, 2001)
Fra asken i ilden (Denmark, 2000)
The Magus (Denmark, Sweden,1999)
Johannesburg Revisited (1996)